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Who we are

Cherry Tree Lodge is a small 22 bedroom family run care home for older people in a residential setting.

What we do

We provide care for male and female, catering for long stay, short stay, respite care and day care.

Our history

Purpose built in 1985 by Ronnie Testa, Cherry Tree Lodge until 1999 was run and managed by Ronnie and Millie Testa, second generation then stepped in and the baton was passed on to Louise Testa who today still remains committed to the family ethos.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide our residents with a quality of life that is as normal as possible within the constraints of their individual health needs, supported by a safe environment, within a homely, family setting, and to promote confidence in those relatives and friends who trust loved ones to care of the team of staff at Cherry Tree Lodge

Our objective

We aim to provide our residents with an individual plan of care that will promote and encourage as much independence as is realistically achievable, whilst maintaining their privacy, dignity and the opportunity to make their own choice.

The team

The greatest asset at Cherry Tree Lodge is our team of workers. They each have an important role to play to achieve our company aim, we are proud of our staff and the loyalty and dedication they display, working hard to maintain their professional development to provide the highest standards of care.

The proof

Working in care is a vocation not a job, we love our roles and have a store of very happy memories and a drawer full of thank you notes. A recent conversation with one of our residents re affirmed why we do what we do; "for anyone who cannot continue to live in their own home, Cherry Tree Lodge is the next best thing.", We went home that day thinking, we've got it right!